About OmniSmiles

OmniSmiles opened its doors in March of 2019 to help patients of all ages achieve a healthy, functional, and beautiful smile. We pride ourselves upon our integrity and communication. OmniSmiles is a judgment free office. We don’t believe in “selling” treatment. Instead, we present options and together we select which option works best for you. Gaining the trust of our patients is a top priority! We provide services using the newest and most advanced techniques, materials, and equipment. Dr. Travis Haddad’s PPO participation and widespread skills help you and your families save time, money, and trips to the specialists. OmniSmiles is a family owned business and values being part of a greater community. We know about the hardships of life. We believe in listening to our patients’ needs and responding with compassion and understanding. We want to make your visit pleasant and enjoyable and welcome you to the OmniSmiles family!

Michigan Dentist Team
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