BOTOX® is a specific brand of the botulinum toxin. It is used for a variety of reasons. Dr. Travis Haddad uses BOTOX® to treat painful symptoms associated with your TMJ and to help minimize the appearance of wrinkles, making your skin look rejuvenated and fresh!

Take a look at how BOTOX® eliminates wrinkles! (see attached picture)

Your TMJ (temporo-mandibular joint) is a very intricate joint that connects your jaw to your skull. Muscles found on your face directly affects the health of your TMJ. The toxin binds to specific muscles, paralyzing their ability to move. Dr. Haddad is trained in the administration of BOTOX® to help address and even eliminate symptoms you may have.

Examples of symptoms include

  • Migraine headaches
  • Teeth grinding
  • Jaw pain
  • Lock jaw

The facial muscles mainly involved include the temporalis, frontalis and masseter muscles. Results are not permanent. Generally, the toxins can only paralyze your muscles for three months at a time. After the three months, your body naturally eliminates the BOTOX® and your muscles regain the ability to move.


If you think you could benefit from BOTOX® contact us to set up an appointment so that Dr. Haddad can evaluate you and present treatment options.

To find out more about which service options are best for you, please call (810) 687-5040 or request an appointment online.

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