Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry that corrects the spacing and overall alignment of teeth. This may seem like a simple procedure, but it takes time, and your dentist providing this treatment must have a great understanding of the process it takes to move your teeth properly. Here at OmniSmiles, we’re confident in our abilities to provide Invisalign ™ and My Forever Smile ™ which in turn allows our patients to get the smile they desire!

Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment

You get to walk around with a more confident smile and better speech that has endless benefits

It’s easier to keep teeth clean when they are straight
Adequate chewing of food with reduced problem spots where you frequently pack food.

Helps establish an even bite force across all teeth and prevents the loss of tooth structure from over stressed areas that we often see when teeth are misaligned

When the teeth are not only straight, but they also contact each other properly when biting, this prevents excessive tooth wear and damage.


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