Surgical Post Operation Instructions

Discomfort Swelling, Bleeding, Heat and Cold

You may experience minor bleeding, swelling, or soreness. Dr. Haddad has prescribed you pain medication to relieve discomfort. Follow Rx as indicated. If you have definite bleeding, take a piece of gauze, moistened in cold water and squeezed to dampness, and hold it firmly against the bleeding area for 30 minutes. If the bleeding continues even after the application of gauze for 30 minutes, a dry tea bag may be used similarly to help control bleeding. Cold packs may be held on the facial area nearest the surgery site during the first 24 hours after surgery to inhibit swelling. Apply for 20 minutes out of each hour. After the first 24 hours, heat may be applied to the area if needed for comfort.


Maintain a well-balanced diet. Avoid hard foods that are difficult to chew (i.e. chips, popcorn, nuts, etc.) and those, which are very hot or very cold. Highly seasoned foods, fruit juice and concentrated alcoholic beverages may cause some discomfort.


Strenuous physical activity such as swimming, aerobics or running should be avoided for three days. It is normal to feel tired following surgery. It is best to relax and rest as much as possible for a few days.

Medications, Rinses

In addition to no-aspirin pain medication, antibiotics and/or mouth rinses may be prescribed for you. Please take the prescriptions to completion. Your doctor should be advised of any unusual occurrences such as excessive swelling, a feeling of heat, pounding sensations or discomfort in the area of surgery after the first 24 hours. During the first 24 hours following surgery, do NOT rinse your mouth.

Surgical Hygiene

If no dressing is used, light brushing of the surgical area can be started after 72 hours. Flossing in the surgery area should be avoided. The biting surfaces of those teeth covered with a dressing may be brushed with a soft brush. Warm salt water rinses (quarter teaspoon salt per cup of water) may be used to gently rinse your mouth in the areas of the dressing after 24 hours. It is very important that the oral hygiene regime, as prescribed by your doctor, be followed after surgery.

Dressing and Sutures

In order to avoid dislodging of the surgical dressing:
  • Do not chew in the area of the dressing.
  • Do not use your toothbrush on the dressing.
  • Do not at any time, vigorously rinse your mouth.
  • Do not chew hard foods, but do eat a well-balanced soft diet.
  • A surgical dressing protects the area of surgery and reduces discomfort. It is important that the dressing remain in place until your next appointment. If the dressing, or a portion of the dressing is lost during the first week following surgery, please telephone your doctor. The surgical dressing you have in your mouth will harden in approximately one-half hour. Do NOT rinse, drink, or eat during this time.
  • Call your doctor if the swelling around your jaw increases; you have a fever, bleeding or numbness; or you have pain in jaw, mouth or sinuses that is unrelieved by your pain medications.  If undue symptoms develop, call the office at (810) 687-5040 or (810) 640-5804

To find out more about which service options are best for you, please call (810) 687-5040 or request an appointment online.

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