What is IV sedation?

OmniSmiles is proud to offer IV sedation dentistry to help eliminate dental anxiety and fear. Our team (hyperlink to team) always prioritizes your comfort and care, ensuring your visit is as stress-free as possible.

Dr. Travis Haddad completed over 100 hours of continuing education in anesthesia, pain control, and IV sedation sponsored by Academy of Dental and Medical Anesthesia (hyperlink to admatraining.org)

Since IV sedation requires such specified training and is strictly overseen by our State Board of Dentistry, we are among just 4 to 6% of dentists nationwide that routinely use this method in our practice. The advantage of this method is that the doctor can easily and instantaneously administer more medication if the patient is insufficiently sedated. Additionally, the drugs used in intravenous sedation are more effective than the same medications taken by mouth, which means that this technique is associated with more profound amnesia.

Depending on your needs, Dr. Haddad will administer the corresponding level of sedative. You might experience:

  • Being completely asleep throughout the procedure
  • Feeling sleepy yet conscious enough to respond to requests from your dentist

You won’t be able to drive yourself home after the appointment.

To find out more about which service options are best for you, please call (810) 687-5040 or request an appointment online.

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