Comprehensive Exam

A comprehensive exam is when your dentist performs a detailed review of your head and neck, not just your mouth. This includes:

  • Use of digital x-rays, gum tissue exam data, and a tooth-by-tooth analysis to detect and diagnose cavities, cracked teeth, infection, gum disease, and other issues
  • TMJ (temporomandibular joint, AKA jaw joint) evaluation and surrounding muscle assessment
  • Evaluating your bite while inspecting for signs and symptoms of clenching and/or grinding of your teeth
General Dentistry
The biggest goal here at OmniSmiles is to explain our findings to educate and empower our patients about their oral health. Your doctor will review and explain all of the collected information. We understand that some of the things that we do or say may not necessarily make sense to you, so we strive to show you what’s happening with a visualization of x-rays, photos, and tooth models, so that you can understand our dental logic behind treatment needs. We always encourage patients to ask questions to ensure that you understand!

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